AKWL Services

AKWL Services

Why should an Individual or Organization become a member of AKWL ?

    • Because individual and institutional members are core customer of the office bearers elected by them. Our USP is that we do not charge delegate fee for any program (except for workshop) AKWL intends to offer a wide range of services and opportunities for value addition to professionals and knowledge workers/ knowledge based enterprises/ organizations
    • Social and technical networking with local and out of station experts and professionals for expanding frontiers of professional knowledge, through member’s meet and through a virtual club of professionals , log in www.akwl.in
    • Opportunity to become seller and purchaser of knowledge, through meeting/ conferences being organized by by AKWL
    • Opportunity to utilize services of AKWL as facilitator for development of enterprises for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and other industry verticals
    • Opportunity to knowledge workers : as facilitator AKWL to support their self development and enhancement of performance , by promoting , research work (Level Ph.D), technical know how improvement (Level M.Tech), international IT certifications, patent registration, publication of research studies and interface with CEO’s / top professionals
    • Professional guidance to youth to realize their full potential by career counseling
    • Opportunity to upgrade professional standards in the region by systematic exposure to junior, middle and senior level executives to latest knowledge in different functional areas
    • Opportunity for faculty members: to interact with top brass of industry and business
    • Opportunity for retired professionals and qualified housewives : upgrade their skill level, productive utilization of their experience and expertise as consultant, from home
    • Access to web site of AKWL, www.akwl.org with link to other important web sites , to disseminate knowledge through e news letters,
    • Opportunity to participate and contribute to the activities of specialized working groups, covering wide spectrum of knowledge
    • Free enrolment in the list of experts available at web site to provide services as consultant etc

Services to Institutional members

    • Short write up of their profile on website of AKWL with web link to their website
    • As employer they me see list on our website -Job desk “Job seekers” and may obtain detailed CV of job seekers of their interest from AKWL, they may notify their vacancies at our web site
    • Their nominees to participate in all activities of AKWL as Member and may enjoy social networking through personal meetings and through a virtual club of professionals , log in www.akwl.in, being developed us
    • Concessional rates for their employees, in seminar/conferences/ workshop to be organized by AKWL
    • AKWL to arrange in house training of their staff , after assessment of their training needs at subsidized rates by best trainers available at Lucknow
    • Networking with other institutional members/ individuals , for synergistic cooperation
    • Opportunity to discharge corporate social responsibility
    • They may host advertisement of their organization at web site of AKWL
    • Opportunity to participate and contribute to the activities of specialized working groups, covering wide spectrum of knowledge
    • AKWL organizes Industry Institute Partnership programs , as part of mission “Building employable work force to meet industry demand for skilled workforce”

Synergy with other Organization to achieve Objectives

  • AKWL has joined as institutional member Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises (ABLE), Bangalore and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), NR and will like to organize joint venture programs with them. AKWL has already organized program with NASSCOM. We organize programs with support of indian Industries Association and Confederation of Indian Industries and thus serve their members also